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Paint the Town Red...

Julia Hemp, a Colorado native, is rooted in her pride for her home state and spreads Rocky Mountain sunshine wherever she goes. From her days as a competitive gymnast to a performer on the theatrical stage, her journey to become involved in musical theatre has been electrifying.  Julia is a recent graduate of Penn State with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater, and is training to be an active and well-rounded member in the industry. She currently completed her contract as a production singer on board Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas, and has now made the monumental move to NYC where she is pursuing her career.

Julia loves playing the guitar, sketching, and baking cookies for her apartment neighbors and classmates alike. She is most known for sporting red lipstick, oversized sunglasses, pantsuits, and her collection of Colorado t-shirts. 


What They're Saying About Julia...

Julie Hemp (Dainty June) can also hoof it, sing, and act the blonde bombshell role so well there appears to be an unsolved, sullen mystery behind the mask
— http://www.themillbrookindependent.com/content/gypsy-roses-roses-all-roses
Hemp’s singing voice is clear as a bell, and she performs a lovely duet (“If Momma Was Married”) with Louise (Kyra Kennedy) late in act one.
— http://cttheater.blogspot.com/2016/06/
Hemp poetically directs her attention solely on her ship-­ridden lover, “Charles
Clarke”. Caroline’s outstretched arm triggers the destruction of onlooker tear ducts, dripping
their praises as applause; not even clapping could convey the direct connectivity of this
moment, tears do the job much better. It’s no surprise that an actress who delights public
theatre galleries with skill, also recognizes the process behind a powerful feat such as the one
previously acclaimed.
— http://benjaminmdennis.weebly.com/uploads/5/0/8/5/50856799/titanic.bendennis.cdt__1_.pdf
St. Regis is played by the very funny and talented Julia Hemp and a true joy to watch.
— http://meetmeinthegreenroom.com/index.php/42-recent-news/243-keith-dougherty-s-review-of-annie